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The most available to serve the most needy.The Foundation aspires to be the most Humanitarian institution to serve ...


Providing free health services to the poor in deprived and remote cities and rural areas.Conducting lectures and se ...

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Medical Mercy Foundation

Medical  Mercy Foundation (MMF) is a national medical and humanitarian institution that provides urgent aid to those affected by conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and deprivation of health care. The Foundation provides assistance to people who cannot obtain medical services for various reasons, including lack of security, lack of infrastructure, lack of medical personnel, and low levels of education. The Foundation provides services to those affected regardless of race, religion, gender, or political affiliation.Medical Mercy Foundation was established in Sana'a - Yemen in 2004. It is a national, non-governmental organization. The foundation consists mainly of volunteer doctors and workers in the health sector. It is also open to all other professions that may help achieve its goals, such as teachers, finance sectors, and volunteers from the local community  

MEDICAL MERCY FOUNDATION WAS FOUNDED IN SANA'A, YEMEN IN 2004It is a national non-governmental association composed mainly of volunteer doctors and health workers It is also open to all other professions that may help achieve its objectives such as teachers, funding sectors and community volunteers.



The medical crowds implement many of the ongoing humanitarian projects that benefit from children and families in Yemen and through this window we offer the latest projects implemented.



In order to alleviate cases of malnutrition among children, Medical Compassion implements a preventive feeding project, which t ... Details



The therapeutic feeding program enhances the access of malnourished children to the programme  Integrated nutritio ... Details


Training and qualification project for health and administrative cadres

Training is an essential axis in the development and development process, and the institution conside ... Details

Environmental Sanitation


In partnership with the National AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Control ... Details


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