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The Mother Amna Sahel is another story of deprivation and malnutrition


Amna was deprived of children for a period of time, and after long suffering for years, the mother, Amna, gave birth to two twin daughters, Ahlam and Ohoud, but the situation with Ohoud was not as she had dreamed, and her joy with the children seemed to be incomplete, as Ohoud was afflicted with moderate malnutrition a few months after her birth, and she remained bedridden and suffering, which made The mother is confused and afraid of losing one of the twins she was blessed with, and she is overjoyed to have  them.

The far distance between the health center and the village

My friend estimated the distance to the center of the district, where there is a hospital, to the health facility closest to our house, at 15 km. It is a long and very tiring distance, says Mrs. Amna Sahel, one of the mothers who benefited from the nutrition project in the village of Al-Ja`wan, Al-Maraw`ah District, Al-Hodeidah Governorate.

Amna, 38 years old, has three children, one of whom is her 5-year-old daughter Ohood, who suffers from moderate malnutrition.



Ohoud is the twin sister of Ahlam, and they are the joy of their mother, who did not have children until after many years of waiting, but that joy was really incomplete after Ohoud suffered from malnutrition. We are saddened by what happened to Ohoud, but we hope for her soon recovery.

Ohoud's  family had no idea how their daughter could be treated. The family looks at their daughter with regret. Amna says that the situation her family is going through is very bad and that she endures a lot of hardships in order to take care of her two daughters and her family, as she spends a lot of time beside them, which affects her work at home , food preparation  and she  goes to the field, in addition to the fact that her husband is unemployed, which even affects their livelihood.

Amna’s neighbor and friend, Fatima, says, “I went to visit my friend Amna to check on her, but I was surprised by Ohoud’s state of health, and her mother told me about their suffering, and I remembered the presence of a mobile field team that provides treatment services for malnutrition to children and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in the village of Al-Sarid, 7 km away from Amna’s house, and I urged her to that.

Amna says I had to walk while I was carrying my daughter Ohoud for a very long distance. I spend the whole day on my journey towards finding treatment for my malnourished daughter. At the same time, I suffer a lot from the separation of my daughter Ahlam, as I leave her for my friend who works in the field and has 5 children, and I fear that she will starve. Or crying that my heart hurts so much during the arduous journey to the health center.

Sumaya Abdali, leader of the mobile team affiliated with Medical Mercy, funded by the World Food Program, talks about the story of Ohood's arrival to her team to receive treatment" Ohoud was presented to us while she was in very poor health, as she weighed 7.2 grams and when the Mowak was taken, she was 12.3 cm in size, in addition to emaciation in her body and yellowing..

Journey of treatment and recovery

After the mobile team carried out the necessary procedures in measurements and recorded vows in the team's lists, the team immediately followed up the situation and dispensed the necessary nutritional treatment. Only days passed, and Ohood began to recover and gradually come back stronger. The mother, Amna, used to go every week to the mobile team to take the nutrition envelopes and follow up on Ohoud's condition.

The seventh of February was Ohoud's last visit to the mobility team. On this visit, the mobility team and Ohoud's mother were optimistic that Ohoud had recovered from malnutrition and that she was recovering after the grueling treatment journey that lasted for two consecutive months.

Ohoud's Mother  bid farewell to the team, while she spoke words of praise to the MMF Team, the World Food Program and everyone who contributed to the success of the mobile team in the directorate.

Medical Mercy has implemented a project to treat malnutrition diseases in Al Hudaydah Governorate since 2016 in seven districts in the governorate, funded by the World Food Program (WFP).